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Mod = x_misogyny / vicioux

This community is for people with taste.
If you have similar interests, you belong here.
(check interest section)

If you belong here, post anything you want.
If not, take a hike.
The point of this community is not to obsess over and post strictly about one specific subject, (like many boring communities are) but to post about anything in your/our interest + to meet people with the same interests + share thoughts, ideas, photos, poetry + fashion.

You're allowed to be an asshole. You're allowed to be opinionated. Your allowed to spit fire at someone if they deserve it. I'm not a referre(sp?) so I really dont fucking care. You will NOT be banned for these things. Regretfully, if it gets too bloody in here, I might be forced to remove a post or two.

you WILL be banned for the following:

*being a dickhead to the mod

yeah thats it. : )

Just for the hell of it, fill this out + post it up when you first join, so people know a little about ya.

+i love:
+i hate:
+favorite band/musician of all time:
+favorite lipstick:
+anything else you want to say?:
+Include photo (optional)