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+name: Lee
+age: 17
+location: UK
+i love: rock and fucking roll. hair dye.
+i hate: school, birds, and emos.
+favorite band/musician of all time: that would have to be a toss-up twixt P!nk, The Clash + the Distillers.
+idols: P!nk, Tank Girl, Brody Dalle, Joan Jett, Joe Strummer, Axe Girl, Marilyn Monroe
+favorite lipstick: hot chilli
+anything else you want to say?: Nemo me impune lacessit.
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+name: helaina
+age: 18
+location: sunny california 
+i love: pretty much any music or movie
+i hate: 13 yr old girls that dress like paris hilton or brintey spears
+favorite band/musician of all time: of all time eh?? thats a toughy...
+idols: bettie page, marilyn monroe, courntey love, kat von d, davey havok, john lennon... so many
+favorite lipstick: red like rockabilly girl red
+anything else you want to say?: hey what up. my names helaina. feel free to add me and talk to me. my journal is friends only but im just about adding anyone now haha.
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new here <3

+name: steph
+age: a true lady never reveals her age.
+location: usa
+i love: angelina jolie, jack off jill, lipstick, high heels, talking, and philosophy
+i hate: close-minded people, homophobics, christian fanatics
+favorite band/musician of all time: jack off jill, nine inch nails, marilyn manson (older stuff, the cure, black tape for a blue girl
+idols: marilyn monroe
+favorite lipstick: i love MAC lipstick
+anything else you want to say?: hi! :3 btw the photo i've provided was captioned by my friend. i'm not an arrogant whore. that's a god-awful pic of me.
+Include photo (optional) www.boomspeed.com/jade_l/hotness.jpg
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I Touch Myself

i found [this] post after downloading a song that was titled i touch myself by jack off jill. i get the impression that's no JOJ, it just doesn't sound like them at all. the comments left here say it was the genitourturers. is that right? because i'm clueless.

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name:Dirty Angel Face

age: 21

location: The Merry Old Land Of Oz

i love: Desperately Beautiful People

i hate: Trend Whores, Sub-Culture Nazis

favorite band/musician of all time: Miss Alison Goldfrapp

idols: Parker Posey, Jennifer Saunders, Chris Corner

favorite lipstick: I wear heavy eye make-up, with a nude lip for day wear, but I guess plastic red

anything else you want to say?: Be prepared for the Electro Summer...

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i'm new

+name: sara
+age: 22
+location: pa
+i love: music, metal, photography, tattoos, peircings, chris
+i hate: ham
+favorite band/musician of all time: that's difficult, i don't know if there is just one..
+idols: my mommy, and tairrie b
+favorite lipstick: black
+anything else you want to say?: not really
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+name: Linda
+age: 20
+location: Riverside, CA
+i love: Music. My fiance Drew. My ipod and my leopard gecko Hollywood
+i hate: Confrontational and judgemental people. And....thats about it really. Oh, and bugs.
+favorite band/musician of all time: The Smashing Pumpkins and The Distillers
+idols: Billy Corgan. Brody Dalle. Kate Winslet. Drew Barrymore. And my grandmother.
+favorite lipstick: Mac's Dubonnet. Rimmel's Scream. Cover Girl's Flame.
+anything else you want to say?: I love wearing red lipstick while playing my bass. My favorite place in the world (so far)is Hollywood, CA.
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